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FENI Pool is a qualified company focused on pool technical services and design.

We are at your disposal with our technical and professional service: from the first draft of your ideas to the definition of an accurate design. We provide support and consultancy during every single step of the process and we make sure that every step is completed in full compliance with the current legislation

Residential building pool

FENI offers an important support to the property manager in the management and safeguard of the residential building pool.

There are important steps in the safeguard of the pool: it must be equipped with all the safety components, the surveillance must be entrusted to pool lifeguards during the opening times. Furthermore, a self-monitoring plan must be formulated and the maintenance of the pool systems must be entrusted to skilled technicians.  

Private pool

A Private pool is a source of happiness and wellness for the entire family, representing an important piece of design and adding value to your estate.

Owning a pool doesn’t entail more fees to pay; furthermore, both the construction and the maintenance could be cheaper thanks to automations and innovations such as dosing systems and cleaning robots.

Today, management and maintenance are really simpler then ever!

A private pool must be fully compliant with the technical safety standards.

Commercial Pool

A pool is a great additional service for tourist accommodations and business activities such as hotels, camping, holiday farms and gyms.

The aim of these types of pool is attracting clients and visitors, for this reason they should be equipped with attractions and games.  

Shapes, dimensions and features of this type of pool could vary depending on the users. FENI offers an important technical support to those entrepreneurs who want to realise a pool providing an additional and worthy service to their activity, in full compliance with the highest safety standards.

In commercial pools, safety and sanitary conditions as well as water parameters must be guaranteed in full compliance with the legislation.

Sport Pool

Sport pools are composed of very complex elements and it must only be entrusted to qualified designers with skilled experience in both the construction and plant engineering sectors.

FENI technical office provides an important support in the design and construction of sport pools, according to the current international and technical standards. Another very important and not negligible point concerns energy: a sport pool must provide a high comfort – in terms of indoor temperature – in water, pool and changing rooms.

This aspect involves a great consumption of energy, therefore, the air treatment plants should be set considering the needs and conformation of each structure, as well as the most suitable heat generator system (both for spaces and waters). Insulation is another important point to guarantee the energy efficiency of the pool.

Our services include

  • Residential building and public pool design

    UNI EN 10637

  • Private pool design

    UNI EN 16713-16512

  • Safety Pool co-design

    UNI EN 15288

  • Safety Pool suction

    UNI EN 13451-3

  • Safety water features

    UNI EN 13451-3

  • Structural pool design

    NTC 2018

  • Hydraulic calculations and sizing (systems, pumps, tanks, pumping station, manifolds, pipes, channels, overflow manifolds, drains, drainage)

    Hydraulic engineering

  • Structural calculations and sizing (seismic verifications, mat foundation, walls, overflows, support, reinforcements, stabilisation, poolside and structural joints)

    Civil engineering

  • Technical specifications for new constructions and refurbishments
  • Compliance and projects in compliance
  • Total, partial and sequential refurbishment
  • Project management

    2D, 3D and rendering

  • Application for planning permition
  • Pool waters drainage
  • Estimates, costs, quotes, economic evaluations
  • Technical and architectural solutions for all types of pools: concrete, steel and glass

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